Zip Line Events

Outlaw Zip Line Provides night programs every weekend.

Night Time Zip Lining

You have an opportunity to zip line at night! To shoot targets while riding a zipline at night. You are able to go over and over to improve your score or try something completely new and different. Go upside down, spinning around, superman style or anyway you can think of! It is the best way to get confidence and build self esteem while doing something crazy and scary. Be your best self and meet other people who are looking for something different and really fun to participate in!

Up side down on Outlaw Zip Line. Someone who wouldn't go zip lining much less upside first.

Go Again and Again!

People who are frightened of doing something new and potentially scary find themselves going upside down and doing things they never thought possible on a zip line. This is because of our great staff and the chance to work up to doing something big! Most other zip lines or a chance to do scary opportunities will just let you go once. That's why we give you the opportunity to go zip lining again and again! You can do new things and try different ways that may seem scary but by the time you leave you will be a master of something you though was impossible when you started! 

Shooting to get a perfect score on Outlaw Zip Line in Old Tucson.

Total Safety in Zip Lining

We like to brag that we are the safest zip line in the world. It is a 'one of a kind' experience, zip lining at night with your family and friends, trying something new, and overcoming your fears in a way that you'll never forget. We make sure your zip line is safe and and a learning experience. Outlaw Zip Line make sure your night time zip lining experience will have the possibility to change your life and how you think about yourself and your place in the world.  

Meet other people who love to zip!

Meet other people who love to zip!

Meet other people who love to zip!

Meet other people who love to zip line! Try tricks with family and friends watching!

Old Tucson is the best place up and go crazy. Come on out at night. Old Tucson is closed. Outlaw Zip Line are open!  Bring you family, your friends, your employees and shoot while zipping and have a unique adventure together. 

Zip and Shoot all you can!

Meet other people who love to zip!

Meet other people who love to zip!

A zip liner getting instruction from a guide on how to shoot the targets.

Our night time zip line special events are a unique experience! You can zip upside down, sitting down, spinning around, or even superman style. Try and get a perfect score on our lit up targets. Our guilds will help you to plan and perhaps receive a perfect score. 

Every Weekend!

Costs and Times

Costs and Times

Zip line at night in Old Tucson with Outlaw Zipline!

We let you know the exact date of the Zip Line party at least 3 -4 weeks ahead of time. Old Tucson may have movies shooting or other events that may make us have to reschedule the Zip Line party. We will try to make these happen on Saturday nights!

Have a private event! Have a private party at Outlaw Zip Line: Corporate events, Family events, Birthday parties, Anniversaries, or anything you can think of at Outlaw Zip Line!

Costs and Times

Costs and Times

Costs and Times

The cost of these night time zip line adventures is only $45 per person. You can zip as much as you would like. We provide expert instruction, water, great company, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Events run 6 pm - 9 pm

Payment is due upon reservation. Your payment is refundable up to 5 days ahead of the event.

Zip line events may be cancelled due to weather conditions or Old Tucson events. Your complete payment will be refunded if we have to cancel the event.

On the night of the event, come to the front gate. We will have someone who will guide you in and get you started on your zip line adventure.

Call (520) 668-9891

to reserve today!

Only 25 spaces are available for each night! 

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