Birthday Parties

Book A Zipline Birthday Party!

Imagine! Your kids or adults overcoming fears and having fun. What a special event. It's a birthday party they'll truly never forget.  Up to 25 of their friends ziplining as much as they want! Having super fun at Old Tucson.  You can go upside down, spinning around, and get really good at shooting targets on the Worlds First Target Shooting Zipline. For about the same price as a pizza place that they'll forget, they'll have a chance to overcome fears and gain confidence and self-esteem.  

The ziplines, water, and a birthday cake is included with all you can Zip! You can book just about anytime Old Tucson is closed so you can save $$ on entrance fees. We will have the Ziplines, Cake, Bounce Houses, Games, and your choice of Food, Did I mention Shooting Ziplines? Get the best possible birthday party or special event for two or three hours. 

Don't worry if your party is in the summer, We can have a great party at night!  Yes that's right! Up to 10 pm at night!  With our custom designed light up targets and super safe zipline, you will have so much fun. 

Birthday Party   2 hour                              $600

Birthday Party   3 hour                              $750

Bounce House Obstacle Course              $225

Subway (6' sub)                                          $110

Little Caesar Pizza (8 pizzas)                     $  75

Eegees 25 person                                       $  25

              50 person                                      $  30

Coke, Orange, Root Beer (48 cans)         $  20

Call now to book your party! (520) 668 - 9891 

Our obstacle course Inflatable challenge course.

Our obstacle course Inflatable challenge course.