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We have some of the best videos on our web site. Check out our Youtube page to get all videos from Outlaw Zip Line. People are going all kinds of ways down the zipline! Shooting laser guns, Upside down, Spinning, Superman style, or zip line just about any way you can! 

Tucson A List

This great zip line video was made by Tucson A list and highlights the best new attractions In Arizona! Perhaps the entire world!!! Outlaw Zip Line

Video of Zipline Run

This is one of the first Zip line videos made of the New Outlaw Zipline! Original and classic! Nothing else like it in the World!

Spinning Zip Line Video

OMG! spinning around and trying to shoot a gun! Thank god they didn't let us have real guns on this zip line. 

ABC News 15 Video

ABC New 15 News anchor really loves this job. He rides and rides and rides the zip line again." just trying to get it right" he keeps saying.

Old Tucson Outlaw Zip Line

The KGUN team came out again and again to keep riding the zip line. They interviewed everyone at Old Tucson. "Oh the lights different...We will have to ride the zip line again..."

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