Outlaw Zipline
in Old Tucson

Worlds only target-practice Zipline

A zipliner at Old Tucson.

Outlaw Zipline

Outlaw Zipline is located at Old Tucson. We're the first zipline to Actually have people shoot at targets while on the zipline. People will get a chance to score 100 points by hitting 8 targets in 8 shots!  Let's see how how you will do at this nearly impossible challenge. Top of the line Laser Guns, Highest quality  Harnesses. Fun for the entire family! Come on out!! Super Safe, Super Comfortable, Idea for all ages!


Competitions and Awards

We will be having The First Tri-Annual competition on April 7th, 2019 at 10 am! This competition will include 3 runs. There will be a Final Annual competition on January 12, 2020 for the National Aerial Fighter Championship! Get free Ziplines, Valuable prizes, and of course the bragging rights to being the best zipline shooter in the world! This will be the only zipline where zipping isn't the only thing to do. You must hit your targets and get the best score possible. Thats how you beat the Old West!


The only one of its kind!

Outlaw Zipline is the only one of its kind in the world. We have the laser pistols, the ziplines, and the great staff to make this a learning! experience in Old Tucson,  Try 3 or even 10 runs at a great discount to really improve your score. Outlaw Zipline; where being an outlaw is fun and exciting!


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If you are ready to start shooting your way to the top of the shooter board and beat your friends (and enemies) at the Outlaw Zipline at Old Tucson, then come on down.  We'll see you here, partner!

Outlaw Zipline

(310) 486 4427


National Zipline Gunfire Competition

Additional Information

First National Zipline Gunfire Competition

On April 7, 2019 we're hosting the FIRST National Zipline Gunfire Competition!! Participant will get three runs down the zipline for a chance to hit all 8 targets! The person that hits all 8 targets in the shortest amount of time will win!!

Professionals are Police, Armed forces and Professional shooters. If you've been trained and have to carry a gun to work then you are a professional!

Under 12 years of age.

Under 18  years of age

Adults 18 - 60 years old

Over 60 years old

Winners of each division will get bragging rights for the year, The worlds first Zipline Gunfire trophy, and Their picture on the podium!

Each person will run three times. All Three scores are added up and the times will be added up.  The person with the highest three scores and lowest shooting time will be the winner.

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Sign up to Compete and Win! Each registrant will pay a $40 entry fee which include 3 runs down the zipline. Call  now to participate! 310 486 4427

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