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About Us

About Us


Michael Reddish has been designing and buiding ziplines for over 30 years. He pioneered the zipline industry in Hawaii, California, and helped with legislation in Canada, United States, Grenada, and Ghana.  

Jeff Egan has been building and designing ziplines for over 10 years. His innovations have  helped in design of new harnesses, cable, and brakes.

Outlaw Zipline

 OUTLAW ZIPLINE is a one of a kind, target shooting family fun event! All ages enjoy amazing ziplining over Old Tucson! Bring the whole family out to ride, shoot, and have fun.   

Outlaw Zipline is just a memorablely one of its kind in the country. Outlaw Zipline allows people to shoot at targets while ziplining! They get scored through the most advanced electronic system in the world. Your score is posted within a couple of minutes of completion. Every Shot fired, every target hit, and all your points totaled.  From 2 years old to 200 years old.  

You will wonder why you haven't gone ziplining before! If you have you'll wonder why no one else is shooting guns and target practice from a zipline! 

The Future

Ziplines have come a long ways in the last 30 years! Now safety, braking systems, harnesses and gear, and super cable have made the age of zipline challenges! 

We have designed zipline that can be use common equipment with the ultimate safety systems. Zipline systems that allow people to shoot guns, joust, drop rescue gear, use a ninja sword, or fly!

Come see the best zipline in the country! Shoot high tech laser guns, improve your confidence and movement, Have alot of family fun!