Hatfields & McCoys

Outlaw Zip Line is the host of the 2020 Family Feud between the Hatfield and McCoy families

Families having fun on the Zipline at Old Tucson


The Hatfield and McCoy feud has been in history for over 160 years. It is probably one of the most well known feuds in American History. At Outlaw Zip Line we had both families duel it out on the zip lines!

Ron "Big Mac" McCoy and "Rocket" Randy Avon took on "Jumpin" Jack Hatfield, Judy "The Flash" Hatfield and "Wild Man" Reo Hatfield at the zipline located in Old Tucson on February 15, 2020. They were able to shoot it out, have fun, and keep smiling.

The Hatfield and McCoy Families have been making peace for almost 100 years. Now their enjoying Outl

History of the Hatfield & McCoy Feud

 The feud was between the families of William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield on the West Virginia side of the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River and Randolph "Ol' Randell" McCoy on the Kentucky side. The  feud started in 1865 with the killing of Randolph's brother, ASA Harmon and lasted until 1890, with the hanging of "Ellison Cotton Top" Mounts in Pikeville KY. 12 people were killed including five of Randolph's grown children (Tolbert-Pharmer-Randolph "Bud" Jr; Alifair, Calvin) his brother (Asa Harmon) and his nephew  (Jeff). On the Hatfield side, in addition to Cotton Top, Bill Staton and Bill Dempsey were killed, along with Devil Anse's brother (Ellison Hatfield) and uncle (Jim Vance). BTW, Randolph McCoy accusing Floyd Hatfield of stealing his pig in 1878 is a true story! 

Having a shootin' good time on Outlaw Zip Line in Old Tucson!

Outlaw Ziplines: "Where feudin' is just good ol' family fun"

  For the families in the modern era, the big takeaway is that they have settled their differences and are at peace. In 2000, 5,000 descendants met in Pikeville, KY for the first national reunion of the families. In 2003, Reo Hatfield and Ron (Big Mac) McCoy authored the Hatfield-McCoy Truce, formally declaring an end to all hostilities. Since then, they have stood together in unity. They like to demonstrate that former foes can now be close friends. They have issued a number of declarations of unity over the years including one this past weekend in Old Tucson. Old Tucson is going to keep their Unity statement on display in the park. Now they're just feuding on Outlaw Zip Line!  Judy Hatfield is the owner of Devil Anse Hatfield home place in WV and a homeowner in Tucson. 

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